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ETL Networks - Ireland’s leading distributor of UPS systems operating out of Dublin

We distribute a range of UPS systems by PowerWalker. PowerWalker is a brand of 15 year old German company BlueWalker GmbH. You can rely on us and our partner PowerWalker for ensuring uninterrupted power supply to safeguard your computers, servers and data.

By using PowerWalker UPS systems you will simply forget to worry about power cuts. PowerWalker provides a secure, reliable and cost-effective solution for all UPS applications, and a wide range of accessories, extensions and battery packs that enhance the use of them for many different solutions and in unique scenarios.

With a portfolio of over 400 models and 50 series, BlueWalker GmbH offers a suitable solution for most UPS needs: from beginner-friendly systems for home environments, to high-performance and high-power systems for commercial usage. All our factories are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and comply with RoHS.

We along with our partner PowerWalker offer next generation UPS systems. For example, VFI 1000-3000 ICT IOT series UPS can be monitored via cloud remotely by using an intuitive AAP. PowerWalker is offering UPS of VA size 12 VA to 30000 VA. Customers are offered the option of getting customized solutions and for that they need to contact PowerWalker. Customers can get their ideal UPS by just sharing some basic information like what electrical disturbances are to be prevented, UPS will be installed where and for what purpose, which electrical appliances

U.P.S SYSTEMS FROM “BLUEWALKER” – 2 year warranty.

Basic VI 850 SB UK

Basic VI 2200 STL UK

Basic VI 150 STL UK


Vi 3000 LCD



Basic VI 1000 SB UK

VFI 1000 TGS

VI 3000 RLP UK